Lead Generation

We harness the power of social media to drive massive amounts of high quality leads in REAL-TIME to your Business

Real Time Inquiries

Our campaigns instantly deliver highly targeted prospects inquiring about your offer in real-time. Speak with qualified prospects within minutes of their response to your offer.

Exclusive Access

Approved partners get exclusive access to the interested prospects. To ensure maximum results for each campaign, we only work with one partner per locality.

Predictable Growth

Imagine having an endless flow of inquiries into your business PREDICTABLY every month? What will a consistent stream of qualified leads do for your business?

We Make Your Phone Ring

We guarantee to flood your business with qualified inquiries like clockwork!

A PROVEN SYSTEM Delivering New Inquiries On Demand

Unlike most companies – we guarantee results by delivering massive amounts of new inquiries using a multi-channel approach to tap into a virtually endless supply of your perfect prospects.

Constant inquiries generated on behalf of your business so you never have to worry about relying on “hit-or-miss” marketing campaigns again

Using Multi-Channel targeting we attract high quality leads from sources your competition doesn’t even realize exists yet

Have complete control of how fast your business grows by turning the flow of leads “on or off” whenever you want

Hot inquiries delivered in real-time so you can connect within seconds of them asking for more information

Get a reliable stream of inquiries so you don’t have to worry about where the next lead is coming from

Tap into the MASSIVE DATA on social advertising platforms to reach the best prospects most likely to give the highest-gross profits

Why We’re Not Like the Other Guys

Most “marketing agencies” promise the world but fail to deliver. This is because they rely on the same crowded marketing channels as every other agency and don’t need to get you results to get paid. They aren’t invested in your success because they keep your money whether you win or lose. Our management team boasts over 6 years of generating leads successfully online which is why we are 100% confident we can deliver you results every single time. We make an active effort to test boundaries, explore new methods, and tweak campaigns to improve the leads generated from algorithms. We test. We measure. We iterate. We improve.


As an approved partner – we’ll only be working with YOU. We use proven campaigns to deliver inquiries from the most responsive people in your locality. To enable us to guarantee the results, we will ONLY work with one business per market in each geographical area. We use psychographic indicators to find the “hidden” prospects your competition doesn’t even know exists.

Real-Time Inquiries

When inquiries are generated you will receive a real-time email and text to let you know within moments of it happening. You’ll be the ONLY business sent the lead so you can be the first and only company to reach them. We rely only on strategies that have delivered results in multiple markets again and again.

Pinpoint Targeting

We place ads in front of the most hyper-responsive people who match the exact demographic and psychographic of your perfect client so you can convert them into profitable, life-long clients. We harness the power of big data to put your offer only in front of people most likely to accept it.

Multi-Channel Marketing

Merging Massive Data with a multi-channel approach we’re able to find and deliver you quality inquiries from your local area who are highly interested in your services before the competition even knows they exist. This allows us to send you an endless amount of leads every month predictably and reliably. We leverage the mathematical Law of Large Numbers to guarantee a virtually endless stream of inquiries.

Schedule a Strategy Call
To Grow Your Business

We handle the intricacies of marketing setup, testing, and improving to generate you new patient leads. All that’s left to do is for your staff to follow up with the leads to schedule their appointment. We help time-starved businesses skip the headaches of sourcing the next client or filling an empty schedule. Your practice has its own challenges, strengths, and goals. What better way to get to know them than through a 1:1 phone call.

This strategy call is an opportunity to see how an algorithm driven approach to marketing helps you land more valuable patients for your practice. This is a complementary strategy session.

To get started, choose a day and time that works for you.